Yarn’s Quality

Research and Development at Supreme is equipped with latest generation instruments of USTER – the world’s leading supplier of total quality solutions .The lab has automated technology like USTER 1000 HVI Classing , Afis Pro , Uster Tester-5 , Uster Tensojet, Uster Cone Expert, Zweiggle Haireness Tester and Mesdan Splice Scanner. 25% of our yarn production is exported to high quality conscious customer base in over 30 countries including USA, England, Canada, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Turkey, and South Korea.

USTER 1000 HVI CLASSING designed to meet the high throughput requirements. It provides accurate and precise measurement of all important cotton quality parameters. USTER AFIS PRO detects fibre imperfections before they become yarn imperfections. This unique measuring system guarantees that each fibre, nep and trash particle is individually counted. USTER TENSOJET-4 a unique control system that provides information on yarn behavior for further processing. USTER TESTER 5 tests the most important quality parameters such as yarn evenness and yarn imperfections with the high precision. We at Supreme believe in 100% online inspection of the process and not just random sampling. We are equipped with the latest online monitoring systems. We observe strict quality control. Our yarn conforms to uster 5-10% standards. The quality control exercise starts right from the selection of raw material stage. Each and every bale of cotton is tested, based upon its parameters; it is laid down for mixing. Our emphasis is on 100% bale management. We always use good quality raw material for further processing.

Contamination control process starts at the mixing stage, first of all hand sorting of cotton & then vision shield at blow room stage to wipe out contaminations. Final control is at Autoconer stage where we have Siro cleaners & UPC 200 contamination clearers. A regular system of testing of yarn at the bobbin stage and final testing at the packaged cone stage is followed for daily production in each count and quality.

We follow stringent Quality Control Measures, each and every employee and worker at Supreme is dedicated to bring out the optimum quality through his performance.

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We have a customer base in over 30 countries including USA, England, Canada, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Turkey, and South Korea.

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