Three decades of hard work and commitment have resulted in well earned confidence and goodwill of our customers across the globe. We today have an installed spinning capacity of 72,000 spindles operating at almost 100% capacity producing yarns.

Out of which 63,300 spindles run on cotton system and 8,700 spindles on worsted system. We have also put up a new facility for producing open end yarns with an installed capacity of 720 rotors. Our goal therefore calls for serving our customers with a multiple range of products meeting the most diverse of requirements.

Apart from captive consumption by the Fabrics and Garments division we manufacture many types of yarns which have a significant presence in the export market.

Solution dyed acrylic yarn – Solution-dyed acrylic produced via a special wet spinning process in which color pigments are injected to the structure of the fiber, because the color is part of the polymer, the fade resistance of a solution dyed acrylic is superior to the fade resistance of the package dyed yarn and a piece dyed fabric.

It has excellent light fastness property and is suited for the production of outdoor fabrics.

Supreme Texmart is proud to announce the development of solution dyed acrylic yarn which is now open for sale to the customer to choose from the seven wide range colors.*(Including on going expansion)

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We have a customer base in over 30 countries including USA, England, Canada, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Turkey, and South Korea.

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