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Supreme after building on its strengths in yarn manufacturing with natural progression ventured into Fabrics business. The company has both circular and flat knit machines the fabric from which is required for making various knitted garments. The circular knitted machines have been sourced from best of suppliers from Mayer & Cie and Jumberca. The flat knitting has been procured from Kuo-Hang one of the most successful flat knitting machines for collors and cuffs and other trims on a garment. The unit has a capacity of making 12 tons of fabric per day on count range of 10s to 40s Ne in various blends and knits. All the machines are capable of doing fabrics with elastic yarns. A stringent quality control is maintained on the fabric coming out of this division.

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We have a customer base in over 30 countries including USA, England, Canada, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Turkey, and South Korea.

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